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The Best Water Soluble CBD Oils – Reviewed

What You Need to Know About Water-soluble CBD and what is Nanoemulsified means

Before we dive into the definition, let’s take a quick detour to the terminology. It is used alternatively with Water-soluble CBD and nano CBD. What water-soluble CBD simply means is CBD that has been fragmented into tiny particles. These particles are afterward coated in surfactant or lipid that makes the mixture stable to be able to suspend in water.

CBD oil is naturally in oil form, which means it’s hydrophobic; that is, it doesn’t mix with water, but when broken up, they begin to look as if they are dissolvable substance. This is where it got its more popular name – water-soluble CBD.

What Does the Research Show about Water-Soluble CBD?

Although there is limited research on water-soluble CBD, which makes it a bit of a task to find one that talks about nano CBD; however, numerous studies even though still in their early stages, are currently underway to show the advantages of nano emulsified CBD.

A study was carried out in 2017 to check the bioavailability of a THC/CBD nanoemulsion. This study was compared with Sativex, an entire plant CBD/THC oromuscoal spray. The clinical study was carried out through nine volunteers who had no medical issues, and the nanoemulsion recorded a higher absorption of CBD and THC when compared to Sativex. It is, however, worthy of note that the nanoformulation involved Piperine, a natural absorption enhancer.

Another important study was carried out in 2018, where the relative bioavailability of Sativex is tried against CBD/THC nanoformulation. The clinical study this time involved 14 healthy male volunteers. The blood samples of the volunteers were collected, and it was discovered that the nanoformulation was quickly absorbed with Sativex.

The Down Side of Water-soluble CBD

Having established that the CBD oil is broken down into nanoparticles, to achieve this, there is a need for further processing and additional ingredients. These additional ingredients are used to coat and bond the nanoparticles to form the water-soluble CBD. The implication of this, however, is that the various types of nanoparticles produced give different reactions to the body. One great downside to the varying reaction is unknown, as scientists are yet to find out if it’s caused by the size of the nanoparticles or the added components. Not just this, it is still unclear if these added ingredients provide any advantage to the body.

What is the Best Water Soluble CBD Oil

There are quite some water-soluble CBD oil on the market. This, among other reasons, makes it quite a difficult task for CBD lovers to get the right product that will not only achieve the desired effect but also have all you need, which is why we handpicked the seven best brands when it comes to water-soluble CBD oil.

1. Hemplucid – Full-Spectrum Water-Soluble Oil

Hemplucid isn’t popular in the world of water-soluble CBD oil for nothing. It’s one of the trusted brands that different types of Nano-CBD oil. It’s full-spectrum indicates that it is a potent variety of cannabidiol you can ever lay your hands on. What this means is that it contains a psychoactive drug; THC is known to get people high when smoking cannabis.

One of the reasons Hemplucid stands out aside its years of providing quality CBD is that its full-spectrum water-soluble oil doesn’t breach the 0.3% standard level for THC, which makes it safe to use. Also, the hemp used in making this product is locally-grown in the US under due monitoring, which ensures that customers get the best of the best from the water-soluble.


  • The hemp is US-grown
  • Very safe to use
  • It is a full-spectrum water-soluble


  • It can be quite expensive.

2. American Shaman

The hemp used by American Shaman for their water-soluble CBD oil is US-grown, which means that from its growth and production of CBD, are monitored and regulated by the USDA. So, you can rest assured of getting a safe and quality water-soluble CBD oil from American Shaman.

Not just this, American Shaman hopes to accommodate all forms of CBD users with its production of two versions; that is, isolates and full-spectrum. So, whichever preference you have, you are sure to find it here. In addition to this, American Shaman water-soluble CBD oil does not only come in 5 different flavors but are also known to alleviate anxiety as well as easing up stress and anxiety.


  • It is available in different flavors
  • It’s quite affordable
  • Both isolate options and full-spectrum available.


  • The isolate option might turn out to be weak for some CBD users.

3. Infinite CBD – Nano-CBD Isolate

The Nano Enhancer is undoubtedly the best water-soluble CBD oil by infinite CBD. Wondering how it got its name? Well, this water-soluble is an isolate whose 1.5mg of the Nano Enhancer has a drop of clean CBD. This makes the THC level unnoticeable in each product. Also, the fact that it’s an isolate makes some cannabinoids absent in it.

One amazing thing about the Nano-CBD is that the hemp used is planted and grown in one of the best places to grow hemp, Colorado. While the price is a bit high-end, the quality you get is worth it.


  • CBD isolate with pure cannabidiol
  • Colorado-grown hemp
  • It has a 14-days return policy for unopened products.


  • It is somewhat expensive.

4. Joy Organics – CBD Softgels

If you are looking to find the most suitable substitute to the best water-soluble CBD Oil, then the Joy Organic CBD soft gels are exactly what you are looking for. Just as the name alludes, it is another type of CBD gel that is not only easily swallowed but also quick to digest.

With the Softgels, you do not have to worry about any adverse, and it’s quite popular among CBD coffee drinkers. This CBD softgels are perfect for users that prefer isolates as there is zero THC contained in it. Also, as an extra measure of safety and credibility, the Joy Organics CBD Softgels is tested independently by third-party labs. If you realize that the product isn’t for you along the way, there is also a cash-back guarantee set in place for such customers.


  • It’s independently tested
  • Has no THC
  • The brand is transparent
  • It can be digested easily.


  • It’s quite pricey.
  • It doesn’t qualify as water-soluble CBD oil.

5. Nanocraft CBD – A Huge Selection of Products

The name might have undisputedly given you a pointer to what this product entails. Nanotechnology is used in creating the Nanocraft CBD oil. By using this for water-soluble CBD, it makes it easier for your body to take in the oil so as for the cannabidiol to start taking effect quickly. The products from Nanocraft are CBD isolates, which zero THC or any other cannabinoids, and this makes it very pure but not as strong as the full or broad spectrum. The hemp used during production is organically farmed, and it contains no GMO. If you are looking for something less potent and pure, then you can choose from the vast available Nanocraft’s flavors.


  • It’s a CBD isolate
  • GMO-free
  • Undergoes organic farming processes
  • It has multiple taste option


  • The product is quite expensive.

6. BioCBD+ – for Pain Relief

The BioCBD+ is unlike the previous ones we have considered when it comes to the mannerism of usage. This type of water-soluble CBD oil is made to be used externally, which means you cannot ingest it in any way. Even with this, it is popular for its amazing feature of relieving joint and muscle pain. the BioCBD+ also offers a subscription alternative for customers who want to be receiving the oil monthly; this is best for frequent users as the price is discounted for subscribed customers


  • It has 64mg of CBD per bottle
  • 100% Organic hemp made
  • It offers a subscription model


  • It cannot be ingested.

7. Oilly – GMO-Free

Oily is one of the best water-soluble CBD oil that is pure and doesn’t have any fillers, toxins, or preservatives, which means you do not have to worry about having allergies from its use. The hemp used is farmed in Colorado; the same place top CBD companies grow theirs. However, while they claim their water-based CBD oil is THC-free, the brand also states that their CBD oil is full-spectrum, which is a bit contradictory. Hence, we advised you to do further research by looking through the product information before purchasing.


  • GMO-free
  • Made in the US
  • Organic grown


  • It’s is pricey
  • The information present on the product page isn’t consistent.


Which is better – water-soluble or fat-soluble CBD oil?

Before we determine which is better, we should let you know the differences that lie with these two types of CBD oil. Even though CBD oil naturally doesn’t mix with water, the water-soluble CBD oil is achieved through the breakup of the oil particles into nanoforms. The bioavailability of the water-soluble CBD oil is quite high, as it is set around 90-100%. The reason for this is that it doesn’t need to go through metabolism before taking effect.

Fat-soluble CBD oil is the original unaltered form of CBD. It got its fat-soluble title from its efficiency for absorption when taken with a fatty carrier oil. Fat-soluble CBD does not only become absorbed in fat in the body, but it is also stored in the fat tissues for it not to be expelled from the body either as urine or excretion. Since it stays longer in the body, this type of CBD oil is effective for a longer period. Also, fat-soluble oil goes directly to the nervous systems and endocannabinoid, which means it cut down on the amount that gets wasted during ingestion.

In other words, the two, water-soluble and fat-soluble, are effective forms of CBD oil and to know which is better depends majorly on your goal of using it. If you want a fast-reacting CBD oil that you can add to drinks without its taste reflecting, then water-soluble CBD oil is the better of the two. However, if you want a long-lasting effect from CBD oil, you should, without doubt, opt-in for the fat-soluble CBD oil because part of it stored in the fat tissue would be released into the body as at when needed.

What is the difference between CBD oil and water-soluble?

CBD oil is generally a product where CBD extracted from the cannabis plant before added to any type of oil for it to be diluted or dissolved. What this means is that the CBD oil is the oil that carries cannabinoids. This oil doesn’t contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the source of the psychoactive effects experienced by users of cannabis or marijuana. Due to this, CBD oil contains all the benefits to be derived from cannabis without having an iota of THC to get you high.

One good thing about CBD oil is that it can be used in various ways. Users can opt-in for the ingestion where one introduced it to the body with the use of dropper, which is used to measure the desired quantity. On the other hand, it can be used topically either by adding to cream or used as a massage oil. The last form of usage is by inhaling it. If there is one downside to the usage of CBD oil, it’s that its bioavailability isn’t as high as its counterpart. The reason for this is that the oil has to undergo metabolism, which will reduce the quantity absorbed by the body.

The water-soluble CBD oil like the CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, which means you cannot get high through it. Since water cannot mix with oil, the CBD oil is broken down into tiny particles through a process called nanoemulsion. The nanoemulsion involves the use of high-frequency ultrasound, which is then used to induce cavitation where liposomes (small, water-soluble spheres) are formed. The nanoparticles are then coated with the liposomes to be able to suspend in water.

In other words, water-soluble CBD oil is CBD extract that has been made to pass through the further process to enable it soluble in water. One major to water-soluble CBD oil is that unlike CBD oil, they are fully absorbed and digested by the body. It can easily be added to drink without even feeling the taste, and you start feeling its effect faster than CBD oil, which still has to go through metabolism.

How long does it take for water-soluble CBD oil to work?

As we have rightly asserted a couple of times before, water-soluble CBD oil has a high rate of bioavailability, which makes it work faster than the other kinds of CBD oil. However, the precise time for it to work varies on so many things. Aside from the method of consumption, which is an obvious determinant, the quantity of the water-soluble CBD oil you take is also to be considered. Low-quality water-soluble CBD oil has fewer CBD nanoparticles; this will make the effect of your intake slowest and not as effective as the one that is of high quality.

Another thing to consider when it comes to the time of impact of the water-soluble CBD oil is the body. Our body reacts to things differently. Even if two people take the same quantity and quality of water-soluble, the chances are that the two would show different results. Why? The reason is simple, the composition of each body is different, and it can change at any point in time. This factor is highly relevant in how long it takes for water-soluble to work.

Generally, it takes nothing more than 2 minutes for water-soluble CBD oil to work since it doesn’t need to go through your digestive system before it is transferred to the endocannabinoid.

The Takeaway

Since the CBD oil market isn’t under any international regulation, there are lots of brands out there claiming to have the best. However, since the sole responsibility of finding the best water-soluble CBD oil rests on the users, it is best to stick to named brands as they have not just passed the test of time, but they have proven themselves countless times to be credible. If, on the other hand, that will be hectic, then, the above products are the best you can ever hope to find.