how to make cbd vape oil

New benefits of CBD are being found regularly, though there are many CBD products available in the market.

Vape juice made of CBD isolate is one of the most popular CBD products. However, the process of making it is easy if done in the right way, but if you implement the wrong steps, then it might not turn as expected. We are going to provide you with the simplest DIY step-by-step guide to make safe vape juice from CBD isolate. So, delve into the article to know every minute concerning the process of creating the vape juice from CBD isolate.

What is Vape Juice Made From?

Regular vape juice can be easily made using a few ingredients that include one carrier such as MCT oil, vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, and flavorings. To make a CBD vape juice, you will have to include a few more ingredients, including terpenes and CBD, of course. Let’s have a closer look at the carrier ingredients required to make the vape juice.

  1. Vegetable Glycerin (Carrier)

Vegetable glycerin is extracted from plant oils. It is a form of sugar alcohol made by heating the plant oils under high pressure so that the fatty acid component separates from the glycerol portion. Vegetable glycerin is sweet, viscous, and odorless. It helps to keep the skin healthy, prevents constipation, and boosts athletic performance and body hydration.

Vegetable glycerin is often used as the key ingredient in making vape juice because it helps in creating the thick smoke desired by many. It also adds a pinch of sweetness to the juice, but you should keep in mind that the glycerin does not work as a sweetener. Also, vegetable glycerin considerably has lower ‘throat hit’. This property might please some, whereas it might disappoint others. ‘Throat hit’ is basically the scratchy feeling that vaping gives. It absolutely depends on your preference whether or not you will like it. If you are more a lover of the scratchy sensational feeling of smoke, then this might fail to impress you. But if you are comfortable with a lesser throat hit, then we suggest you prefer vegetable glycerin for your vape juice as it is highly hypoallergenic and more comfortable.

  1. Propylene Glycol (Carrier)

This is the second most used carrier in making vape juice. It is basically a synthetic food additive belonging to the family of the chemical group of alcohol. It is a colorless and odorless liquid that is slightly more syrupy than water. It has almost no taste, but the best part of it is that it can hold the flavor of the juice for a longer time. Also, it produces a great throat hit, which pleases many, but the vapors produced are comparatively thinner. At times, both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are mixed to form an amazing combination of flavor in a vape juice.

Propylene glycol is also an ingredient found in dairy products, packaged foods, soft drinks, cakes mix, and so on. It is found in so many other food products because it is a great preservative that helps to increase the life of the food. For the same reason, it is used in vape juices, too. However, there are certain people allergic to the carrier propylene glycol, therefore, make sure that if you find any allergic effects, you consult a doctor nearby. Some of the common allergic reaction effects are sinus, swollen gum, rashes, and dry throat. If you observe no such reactions, then use it in your vape juice without much worry.

  1. MCT Oil (Carrier)

Medium-chain triglyceride oil is abbreviated as MCT oil. This carrier ingredient is often used as the replacement of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Triglyceride means fat in general, and this fat is processed from palm kernel oil or coconut. The MCT oil used in vape juices mostly comes from coconut. The health benefits offered by MCT oil are weight loss, fueling brain functions, increasing swimming endurance capacity, and so on.

MCT oil is a much more concentrated form of medium-chain triglycerides. It is produced by a process called fractionation. There are four different types of MCT oil, out of which the most commonly used are caprylic and capric acid. MCT oil is both flavorless and odorless, which makes it a highly suitable ingredient for vape juice. Therefore, you can use this as a carrier in your vape juice in place of the other two carriers.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is the form of CBD that contains no traces of THC. It is available in the form of powder or crystalline solid that contains pure CBD, unlike the other forms that contain at least 0.3% of THC. If you are someone who wants to stay away from the psychoactive component THC, then CBD isolate is a perfect fit for you. A few benefits of CBD isolate are:

  • A 2019 study by NCBI shows that it helps in healing anxiety and sleep disorders.
  • It helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
  • It has an anti-seizure effect that helps to cure epilepsy.
  • The National Cancer Institute found that CBD isolate can help overcome the side effects of cancer treatment. Other studies also show that it can prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Various processes are implemented during the production of CBD isolate to squeeze out other unwanted components from CBD, including THC. This leaves behind pure CBD in crystal form. Often, the crystal form is converted to powder because that is more convenient to consume. CBD isolate is both tasteless and odorless.

Which Vape Juice is the Best to Use in CBD Isolate Vape Oil?

On closer inspection, it is seen that most of the vape juices are manufactured from either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. And often a juice can combine both. But how will you understand which one is the best? Now, the answer to this question often varies from person to person. It depends solely on your taste, which you will like more.

Both vegetable glycerin vape juice and propylene glycol vape juice are available easily in the market. Remember that propylene glycol will help you feel the traditional essence of smoking because of its high throat hit. But if you are someone who does not like the feeling of a throat hit much, then we suggest you stick to the vegetable glycerin vape juices.

However, if you want a combination of the high throat hit of propylene glycol and sweetness of vegetable glycerin, then go for the vape juices, which contain both the carriers. That will help you get an all-in-one juice. Somehow if you do not like both of these carriers, you can opt for MCT oil as a carrier. Therefore, the best vape juice carrier highly depends on what you like the most in vape juices.

What are Different Types of Terpenes, and What are Their Benefits in CBD Vape Juices?

Terpenes are aromas and flavors naturally manufactured from extracts of various plants. Scientists found that there are approximately 20,000 varieties of terpenes, and around 100 of them are derived from hemp. Among so many different types of terpenes, the ones associated with cannabis are:

  • Linalool: It is a natural terpene found in cannabis strain obtained from lavender. It has a floral aroma that is strong enough to add a great flavor. It is often used for making essential oils because of its sedative properties. It has positive effects on convulsion of seizures and also helps to fight anxiety and stress.
  • Pinene: Pinene, as the name suggests, smells like pine and is found in conifer trees and pine needles. It is great for reducing inflammation and also for fighting asthma. It helps to sharpen the memory and can cure brain disorders like short-time memory loss. It is also helpful in controlling the growth of tumor cells.
  • Limonene: Limonene smells strongly like lemons. It is not only found in cannabis but is also abundantly found in citrus fruits. The lemon fragrance helps in elevating mood, therefore, is great to overcome stress and anxiety. It also has antioxidant properties that help in reducing and controlling inflammation in the lungs. Limonene is also helpful to curb down the proliferation of cancer cells.
  • Humulene: Humulene releases an earthly aroma mostly found in hops, and the chances are that you have already tasted the flavor in beers. It helps to fight tumor and cancer growth and also acts as an appetite suppressant. Humulene contains anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Caryophyllene: Its aroma is woody and is mostly found in black pepper.Caryophyllene shares some of the common properties of humulene. It is so because caryophyllene is an isomer of humulene. A study by NCBI on mice shows that caryophyllene was able to reduce alcohol intake. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in curing duodenal ulcers.
  • Borneol: It has a minty aroma and is used in medicines. Like most other terpenes, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can heal, especially lung inflammation. Borneol also cures neuropathic pain.
  • Terpineol: Its floral aroma is derived from lilacs and is used mostly in perfumes. It has strong sedative effects.

Terpenes are a great ingredient in vape juices as they not only add flavors to the juice but also help to inculcate certain great health benefits. The aroma of terpenes is alike to some plants, herbs, rosemary, and lavender. They are very popular in the world of juices and scents for adding the flavor of exciting aromas. Some health benefits offered by terpenes in CBD vape juices include:

  • It helps to get relief from pain.
  • Like CBD, it too has anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal and reduce inflammation.
  • It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore, it is great to keep your body away from foreign germs.
  • It also provides assistance to muscle pain and spasms.
  • It helps to fight depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Therefore, it is a great ingredient that will help you achieve peace of mind.

These are some great health benefits that you can get by using terpenes in your vape juice. Now that you know what terpenes are and how they add health to your vape juice, you can easily use them as an ingredient.

How to make CBD vape juice from isolate?

It is really easy to make vape juice from CBD isolate if you know about the right ingredients and the right procedure. The key ingredients that you need for making around 30 ml of vape juice from CBD isolate are:

  • 99% or more pure CBD isolate 500 mg
  • 15 ml of propylene glycol
  • 12 ml of vegetable glycerin
  • 3 ml of flavoring (terpenes and vape juice flavoring)
  • A syringe with a blunt tip
  • Double or triple-digit scale reading 0.01 or 0.001
  • Empty amber color vape juice container of 30 ml or 60 ml (amber color helps to protect the vape juice from UV radiations)

The steps of using these ingredients to make a perfect vape juice from CBD isolate are as follows:

Step 1: In a Clean Empty Container Add Propylene Glycol

Use the blunt syringe to measure 15 ml of propylene glycol. Pour that amount in a clean vape juice container. We will guide you to make a 60:40 propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin mix, but you may choose the ratio as per your convenience. If you prefer a higher throat hit, then we recommend you to increase the ratio to 70:30. That will help you get the desired amount of throat hit and also better retention of flavor. But if you want thicker smoke, then just flip the ratio and increase the amount of vegetable glycerin.

Step 2: Add CBD Isolate in a Beaker

Measure 500 mg of CBD isolate with a scale and carefully add the powder to the 15 ml vape juice in the vape juice container. Cover the container that is holding CBD isolate and the carrier ingredient, with a cap. We recommend you use the powder form of CBD isolate as it is more convenient.

Step 3: Form a Mixture of CBD Isolate and Propylene Glycol

The mixing part is very important for the successful implementation of the guide. You will have to shake the container really well till the CBD isolate, and the propylene glycol mixes finely. This process might take you a minute or so for the complete formation of a perfect mixture. Once done, make sure that the mixture is a homogeneous liquid that contains no crystals left. If there are any crystals left, mix it again.

Step 4: Add Vegetable Glycerin to the Formed Mixture in the Vape Juice Container

Again use the syringe to take out 12 ml of vegetable glycerin and pour that in the vape juice container holding the homogeneous mixture of CBD isolate and propylene glycol. This is the key ingredient in a vape juice that helps to add thick smoke. It is a bit sticky, therefore, make sure that you mix it carefully and there is no excess vegetable glycerin sticking to the walls of the container. Mix the solution well until it unifies to form a homogeneous mixture.

Step 5: Add flavorings as Per Your Preference

One of the best parts of vaping is the flavor added in the vape juice. Be it a sweet flavor or a minty flavor, you will love the tinge of extra flavor that will flirt with your taste buds. You can choose your preferred flavor from the 7,000 vape flavors available in the market. Not all of them are natural, few are also artificial. If you want to add a natural flavor, then use terpenes.

Now, pick any flavor of your choice and add 3 ml of it in the solution that you have prepared. Leave it for some time to let it combine with the mixture, allowing the proper absorption of the flavor.

Step 6: Fill the Vape Tank and Store the Rest of the Juice

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, and you have successfully created your vape juice, it is time to transfer the vape juice to your empty vape tank. We highly recommend you store the vape juice either in a refrigerator or a dark and cool place of your house. That will help to prolong the lifetime of your CBD vape juice. Also, store it in an amber-colored container for the same reason.

How to Vape Your CBD Isolate Juice?

The process of vaping CBD isolate juice is quite simple. You will have to buy an e-juice vaporizer and use it to vape your home-made juice. You can easily do that by filling the nicotine vape liquid compartment with your self-made CBD isolate juice. Then simply press the button and let the vape inhale, after which your CBD vape juice is ready to please your taste buds!

A perfect vaping might be simple, but it is the most crucial part. If you do not follow the vaping procedure, then the ‘vape’ juice will be a failed attempt. But if you follow our guide, then you can easily do it without any trouble. So, be careful and implement every step of the guide perfectly for an amazing home-made vape juice with CBD isolate.

How Long is the Life of CBD Vape Juice?

CBD vape juices last approximately one to two years. But in a few cases, they can also last for five years. Below we have discussed some great tips to increase the life of vape juice.

Storage is the most important aspect for any CBD product, the same goes for CBD vape juices. You will have to be very careful while choosing the storage method. Make sure that you store the vape juice in an amber-tinted glass bottle and also keep it away from heat. The best place to store it is a refrigerator, but if you do not have one, then you can also store it in some other cool and dark corner of your house. If you are wondering why you should keep your vape juice away from heat, then know that heat and humidity can accelerate the expiration period and result in a shorter life span.

The signs that your CBD vape juice has expired include a change in smell, appearance, and consistency. So, make sure that you keep a check on these few properties of the juice. Even if the juice is home-made and made of natural ingredients, you should never use it after it expires. Expired juice will not only lack taste and flavor but will also have a negative impact on your health. If you follow the correct measures to store the vape juice, then it will live for really long. Even after it expires, you can make it again by following the simple steps and enjoy the lavish juice once more.

Verdict and Recommendations 2020

We hope that this article was able to help you know the right DIY guide for your self-made vape juice from CBD isolate. We highly suggest you follow the exact steps mentioned above. Understand what you like the most, and then choose the ratio of the carrier accordingly. The right ration and a perfect vaping is the secret to a great vape juice. Not only will this recipe help you enjoy some exciting flavors, but will also add on to your health. Make sure that you store the juice carefully. So, make your own CBD isolate vape juice and enjoy!

How We Tested?

All the facts in the guide are being tested by our professional experts. We have tested all the ingredients in our laboratory to know what suits best for a perfect vape juice. The ingredients are also chemically tested to know the health benefits offered by them. You can rest assured on the guide, as it is absolutely trustworthy.