Vaporizer is a device for vaporizing active ingredients. Certain substances are vaporized directly and deliberately not burned in order to avoid unwanted by-products. Evaporators have been around since the early 90s, initially only in California. After that they spread until today and can be found in almost every coffee shop. But they also have completely different uses. For example, vaporizers to vape CBD in a similar form are also used in hospitals for anesthetic purposes.

What is CBD and CBD E-Liquids?

The hemp plant is generally believed to be associated primarily with drug use. It has also been used as a medical plant for over 5,000 years. The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in particular is responsible for the intoxicating effect of smoking. In addition, the cannabis plant contains more than 60 other components, which can also be used for medical purposes. One of these components is cannabidiol. 

E-Liquid and CBD vape oil is a liquid specially developed for vaporizers and e-cigarettes to vaporize CBD. The E-Liquid contains only pure carriers like glycerin, which are mixed with the CBD.

How does CBD vape work? 

The number of people interested in CBD for the purpose of vaping CBD continues to grow. People ask themselves: what is CBD vape oil? Smokers in particular are showing great interest in this miracle cure. So what is CBD vape? They often ask themselves whether cannabidiol can also be used as a tobacco substitute and whether it is possible to steam CBD. This question is not unjustified, because it has a number of positive active ingredients. 

There are many different ways to take cannabidiol. Products are available as capsules, paste, oils, e-liquid for CBD oil for vaping and creams. Since in Germany the biggest interest is in vapenating CBD, extra E-Liquids have been developed to vaporize CBD, about which you will learn more below.

There are essentially two different functional principles according to which evaporators operate. One works according to the “frying pan principle”, i.e. the plant material is distributed on a heated surface and the vape CBD Oil or smoke clouds, which then rise, are inhaled. Due to the construction, the material cannot be heated evenly. Although such devices are comparatively cheap, they are of little use and therefore cannot be recommended. The other method is the flow of hot air through the material to be evaporated. In this way, cannabis can be heated much more evenly, which is the prerequisite for controlled evaporation. The greatest technical difficulty is heating the air to a predetermined temperature. THC evaporates from 185°C, cellulose (plant material) starts to coke from 235°C and finally burns. Theoretically, temperatures between 185°C and 235°C can be used for the evaporation of cannabis. 

Types of CBD vaping oil

  • Full spectrum CBD vape

When the extraction is performed, the oil that is produced is called the “full spectrum”. This is because apart from CBD, it also contains other cannabinoids (including THC), fatty acids, terpenes, amino acids and other plant substances.

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Vape

Wideband CBD is the same as full spectrum CBD only without THC. Additional extraction steps are taken to remove THC to less than 0.3% THC. It however still contains other compounds and fatty acids.

  • CBD Isolates

Achieved by refining CBD to 99.9% purity. Isolates are CBD in crystalline form and have no odor.

How to Vape CBD Oil 

Evaporation has many advantages, which other ways of taking it do not offer. By inhaling the CBD vapes, the active ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream for CBD vape oil effects and thus work up to 30-60 minutes faster than other products. To release the active ingredient from other products, they must first pass through the digestive tract. 

In addition, it is very effective and cost saving to steam CBD, because by vaporizing you need a smaller amount of the product. However, keep in mind that when taking CBD for vape E-Liquids the effect cannot last as long as with other cannabidiol products. If you buy CBD vape oil and consume CBD for medical reasons, it is strongly discouraged to vaporize CBD. If you are taking it for medical reasons, we recommend that you consult your doctor before using the product.

Steaming CBD vapor is therefore not recommended. The oil is very greasy and can ruin your evaporator. In addition, the oil has a very low smoke point and burns at a very high speed. This leads to a loss of active ingredients from cannabidiol, an unpleasant taste could develop and potentially unhealthy smoke could be emitted.

If you cannot do without consuming a CBD oil in vape with your vaporizer, you should mix your oil with alcohol. The oil will combine with the alcohol to form a substance that can vaporize. However, this is not really recommended as the oil may continue to contaminate your vaporizer.

The Benefits of vaping CBD oil

Some people are probably wondering what a vaporizer can do. Now CBD for vaping has some advantages over “conventional” smoking:

  • More efficient 

Evaporation of CBD vape oils is much more efficient than smoking, as many active ingredients are simply lost unused in the indoor air.

Vapor can also be inhaled deeper and longer than smoke itself, which increases efficiency.

  • More economical

From the efficiency and intensity logically follows the fact that less of the substance itself has to be used and thus one can dose more economically.

Depending on the model, up to 70% less herbs have to be used.

Even a comparatively expensive device with pure CBD vape oil would pay for itself after a certain time.

In addition, an evaporator always has the same evaporation temperature, which prevents fluctuations as with smoking.

  • Healthier

The steam and the way how you vape CBD oil is not equivalent to smoke.

Any toxins found during smoking, such as tar or benzene, are almost completely filtered out.

There are high-quality models that guarantee pure steam, which is more pleasant for the respiratory tract.

However, one must also pay attention to the chosen substance. For example, it is better to use “organic CBD oil for vape ” and not resinous concentrates.

  • Odorless

In principle, evaporators only leave behind a few remaining natural products that neither smell strong nor make a lot of dirt.

The smell of steam itself is short-lived and is more likely to be mild. No more stinking ashtrays!

  • More hygienic

CBD oil vape is clean and can be carried out virtually anywhere, e.g. in the comfort of your home or car.

There is no unpleasant smoke, which annoys others and leaves no stench in the room, the furniture or clothes or even gets stuck in the ceiling.

The resulting steam evaporates very quickly.

  • Safer

There are models with automatic shut-off in case you fall asleep.

Effects of CBD

CBD and E-Liquid Sublimation Liquid have separated into our world of natural health and are considered the most convenient way to do CBD. Its anti-anxiety properties also ensure that you can relax.

Cannabinoids such as CBD are also used to relieve pain. In the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology published in 2017 there are numerous investigations and articles on the great potential of the use of cannabinoids.

Even though the research is still in its infancy, the compound has been shown to have a variety of effects, including and not limited to being anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective, antipsychotic and antispasmodic. 

It is claimed or boasted to have attributes that enable it to have a range of effects on the user, some of which are: it helps to relieve anxiety, regulate the immune system and relieves pain.

Side effects of CBD

In almost all studies, CBD showed a very positive safety profile. However, if you are taking other medicines, you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist about potential interactions.

There have however, been recordings of some side effect from some studies as well as reviews. They are as follows:

  • Increased fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Change in weight
  • Dry mouth
  • Blood pressure is slightly lower

 These side effects have been reported to be relatively mild.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much CBD can I buy?

The CBD oil for vape and E-Liquids are available in different percentages. The most common percentages are 1%, 3% and 5%. 1% corresponds to about 100 mg CBD. When purchasing these fluids, special care should be taken to ensure that they do not contain nicotine, as nicotine is a very potent nerve toxin that could damage your health and the effects of CBD oil vaping.

2. Which CBD vape pen to use?

For the reasons of taste, efficiency, and pollutant load, a good vaporizer should be able to handle air temperature fluctuations of 185°C to 205°C max in the filling chamber under practical conditions. The lower the fluctuations, the better. One often hears: “My cheap vaporizer works, I feel an effect flawlessly”. However, this is not an argument, because you can also achieve the effect with a pipe or a joint, but also, for example, with a hotplate on which you sprinkle cannabis to inhale the resulting steam or smoke clouds. However, this has nothing to do with controlled evaporation. Readers can find much more information on how to use CBD oil in vape pens online

3. How to use CBD oil in vape pen

You put the CBD oil in for cannabis oil and can initially set temperatures between 0 and 230 degrees. A recommended heat temperature is about 150-210 degrees. At a maximum heat of 210 degrees there is no chance of harmful by-products developing. Other than smoking the oil you need a much smaller amount of the product for the desired effect. The effect is also better regulated, as the active ingredients are released over a much longer period of time.  For a perfect, pure and clean steam, the finest suspended particles of the product can then be removed with a water filter.

4. How much is a CBD vaping pen? 

You can get a so-called vaporizer between 50-300 €. They use themselves mostly the same and leave out the usual tobacco. They have several different settings that make it easier to enjoy the cannabis oil. 

5. Can you vape CBD oil on the go?

Another reason why vaporization is becoming more and more popular among cannabis consumers is the camouflage effect. Since the vaporization of cannabis oil does not smell as strong as burning means you can use it in several locations. Many of them are very handy, so they can be used on several public occasions. Smaller puffs produce fewer odours and do not hold themselves so stubbornly in the air, whereas a large cloud of steam is more easily perceived.

6. Is vaping CBD safe?

There are no known side effects of Vape for CBD Oil. 


CBD oil in vape is generally the “healthiest” method of taking cannabinoids but we cannot tell anyone how much CBD should I vape. The product is strongly heated so that CBD can be inhaled in its pure form. The effect is correspondingly strong. In contrast to cigarettes, there is no combustion process and no tar residue is left, which could damage the lungs.

As already stated, heating cannabidiol oil vape hints to amplified efficacy. For this aim, vaporization is an ideal form of absorption. Breathing of active ingredients is a common form of intake of active elements and demonstrations a fast and direct changeover into the blood flow. Since, in difference to burning, evaporation with a CBD oil for vape pen can melt specific active ingredients, this method is extremely efficient and mild at the same time.
However, not every inhaler with CBD oil in vape is appropriate for evaporating CBD. Since the extracts become fluid during evaporation, a appropriate device is compulsory. Many devices have distinct additions in the form of oil tablets or drop pads. These are particularly appropriate for the usage of CBD oil vape juice and fluids and are obtainable for a diversity of gadgets. Some high-quality devices, like a device named “Sublimator”, have their individual attachments for emollients and extracts. Pen nebulizers like a brand called Puffco are very well liked for transportable use. In an e-cigarette, or a CBD pen, a CBD fluid can be evaporated in various strengths and interested individuals can find various CBD vape oil for sale online.