The popularity of CBD is growing due to the outstanding advantages of this product. The companies are developing more ways of consuming and CBD cartridge is one of them. 

The cartridges are usually filled with a pure hemp distillate where the concentration of CBD is high. In fact, they include other cannabinoids like terpenes but at the same time, there is no THC. Full Spectrum, though, can contain THC but the percentage is lower than 0.3%. One of the best options is the CBD 510 cartridge.

In this review, you will find the explanation on what these cartridges are as well as the benefits, effects and side effects of using them.

What is CBD cartridge

Cartridges are slim tanks to the cylinder shape that contains CBD oil. They are not only convenient and easy to use but CBD vape cartridges are practical as well. They are connected to an ordinary 510 battery and make entry into vaping simple. In addition to that, there are the products, famous as pods, compatible with such well-known devices as the JUUL.

CBD cartridge pen was designed to simplify the intake of cannabidiol – a compound of the cannabis plant. This substance is famous for its therapeutic properties and is applied to treat inflammation, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and more.

How does CBD cartridge work

Nowadays the products containing CBD are introduced in a wide range of options. Customers are free to pick the most beneficial way due to their preferences and the ailment that is to be treated. 

Those customers who need to get the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol quickly should opt for CBD vape pen cartridge. Although, at first sight, it may seem that they are dangerous like nicotine vaping, it is not true.

People who consume CBD, like these pens as they are:

  • odour-free;
  • portable;
  • discreet;
  • convenient.

Pure CBD, in fact, obtains an earthy taste and scent which may be unpleasant for the majority of customers. In case of using the CBD cartridge, they can choose any flavour that will satisfy them. 

The working principle of a bigger part of the cartridges is the same with several insignificant design variations. The main thing, though, is that any pen should operate by means of supplying power to a heating chamber. It contains wax, oil or herbs. As soon as the chamber is heated enough, the product starts producing vapour. The consumers can inhale it with the help of pen mouthpiece.

The pens are convenient as the battery inside, which is applied to power the device, can be changed. The battery is placed in the longest part of vaping pens. Another good news is that the pen kits tend to include a charger that is a micro USB for the device powering. The pen can be used as a CBD oil cartridge, or the consumers can put dry herbs or wax inside the heating chamber. This way even the vape pen only can be used for different forms of the product. 

It is not hard to figure out how to make use of the pen as the principle is simple. Moreover, there are instructions, so the consumers can pick the best CBD vape cartridge for themselves and start using it. 

Types and differences of CBD cartridge

The consumers can use one of the two presented forms to take their daily cannabidiol dose. They are:

  • pre-filled CBD cartridges;
  • refillable cartridges.

The first form implies that mini tanks inside the vape pen are already filled with the vape juice, and have a wick and coil. 

CBD vape oil cartridge is regarded as disposable, but it can be refilled and used a couple of times. This is thanks to the high-quality materials it is made of. This is another reason for the growing popularity of the pre-filled CBD vape pen. Furthermore, the consumers can always find them as they are compatible with the majority of the devices.

The second form has empty vape tanks which can be filled with the necessary dosage of the vape oil. The pens are not expensive, and the consumers find them cost-effective in comparison with the disposable pens and CBD prefilled cartridge. 

Here are a few of the best models:

  • Kanna 750-1,000mg – this one is presented in five flavours. Attracts many consumers because they are delicious. Those who are looking for natural CBD will not be happy with it, especially considering that they derive it from non-organic hemp. Consequently, people that look for purity may not like it.
  • Peaked 250-1,000mg. Besides CBD cartridge 1,000mg, they offer 250mg and 400mg. There are 7 flavours, and they are fruit or dessert oriented. Unlike the above-mentioned products, this one is received from organic plant.
  • Pinnacle Hemp Ki 300-600mg. This is one of the best CBD cartridges according to the consumer review. It is pure and has multiple flavours.
  • Vape Bright Thrive 200-250mg. The producer is focused on the purity of the products. As a result, their vape pens are considered to be the healthiest in the market. Their pure CBD prefilled cartridge contains no vegetable glycerin, PG or anything else.  

There are more devices on the market in addition to the described ones. The customers should check if the producer is reliable and look through several reviews before they buy one.

How to use CBD cartridge 

All of them are easy to use, no matter if it is a refillable CBD vape pen or the pre-filled one. If it is refillable, the consumers need to screw it on to the threaded battery only after filling and priming. The companies produce draw-activated batteries, so the customers do not need to press the buttons to make it work. 

Before they start using the vape pen, the consumers should check if the battery is charged and set it to the minimum voltage setting. First, they should take small puffs. If they are not satisfying, consumers can increase voltage. They should also remember to turn the pen off when they finish.

Benefits of CBD cartridge 

People, especially those thinking what method of CBD consumption they should choose, always want to know what the advantages of using are. These are the qualities due to which pens are so popular:

  1. Potency. That is a milligram count which can be found in the description online or on the packaging. The minimum potent starts at 100mg and can reach 2000mg. The potency is a benefit because the higher it is, the fewer puffs the consumers will have to make.  And at the same the larger the dosage, the stronger the effect. 
  2. Price for one milligram. When the perfect potency is relative, the perfect milligram cost does not. Thanks to this measurement it is possible to identify if CBD is expensive or not. 
  3. Purity. If the cartridges are pure, it means that they have been received from the organic hemp plant without any additional ingredients. The companies must put credentials certifying the purity on the label. If the consumers fail to find it, they should be careful as such pens may have some additives like propylene glycol. This element is usually used to get a stronger flavour. PG is bad for human health so the restriction is that it should not exceed 45 grams per one pound. 
  4. Flavour. Some  consumers prefer to use CBD pens with flavours as the natural taste and smell is not pleasant. On the other hand, consumers should know that this kind of ingredients reduces the purity of the product. 

Effects of CBD cartridge 

Everybody knows that it can be used to relax, relieve pain, manage anxiety and improve mood in general. If the consumers take a higher dose of CBD, drowsiness will occur. Smaller dosages have the opposite effect which is alertness.

Products derived from the hemp plant do not have to contain THC in such amount that can get people “high”. Despite that, when using cartridges, the consumers can treat such serious maladies as paranoia, schizophrenia and more. 

The best-pre-filled CBD cartridges or refillable ones can also be used to reduce the symptoms and side effects related to such disease as cancer. Nausea, pain and vomiting tend to occur due to the chemotherapy, and CBD manages them well enough.

Among positive effects there is another one important – it is good for the heart and circulatory system. The thing is that heart attack, stroke and metabolic syndrome are linked with high blood pressure, and using cartridges the consumers can lower it. 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, so it can manage neurological disorders, for example, multiple sclerosis.

Vape pens can be used to manage and treat much more disorders and diseases. Before the consumers start to use it, though, they should talk to a doctor and discuss the dosage.

Side effects of CBD cartridge 

The scientists are still researching what the possible side effects are. Some consumers may face the following side effects:

  • Headaches;
  • Vomiting;
  • Dizziness;
  • Nausea;
  • Fatigue;
  • Changes in weight and appetite;
  • Diarrhoea;
  • Palpitations;
  • Agitation; 
  • Disorientation.

The mentioned side effects of using CBD do not necessarily occur, but they have to be considered. The majority of them pass after some time.

Another thing that the consumers should take into account is that CBD lowers blood pressure and can interact with some medication. Those people who have low blood pressure should be careful when using CBD vape pen, as using it in this case can be really risky. 

The interactions of CBD with some medications is extremely dangerous and can even cause death. 

Although the product is good when treating serious maladies, people who have Parkinson’s disease should avoid CBD as well. The thing is that the researches regarding it have not been finished yet so there is no any definitive result. 

The consumers should never forget that such pen is a medication; consequently, they must talk to a doctor before they start taking it. Every case is different so the dosage must be defined by a doctor as well. 


  • Can I refill a cartridge on my own?

Every consumer is free to buy a refillable pen and mix a ratio of hemp, oil or terpenes with a viscosity booster to receive a CBD which may be vaporized. The reason is that CBD is not thin enough. Consequently, they can do it, but they need to follow the instructions.

  • Who can use the CBD pens?

This way of CBD consumption is good for people who take it to get a quick effect. When the product is vaped, it goes straight to the lungs of the consumers and into their bloodstream. That is why the effect appears in a few seconds after it was inhaled. Other ways such as tincture, eating it or putting it on the skin tends to take much more time. Customers suffering from chronic pain and anxiety disorders can control their symptoms with the help of CBD.

  • How much do such pens cost?

The price for this kind of product differs. It depends on the brand and the size itself. The price ranges from thirty to fifty dollars. 

  • How can I find CBD vape cartridge near me?

Nowadays vape cartridges can be bought on the Internet and delivered to where you are so you may not need to go anywhere. When purchasing it, the consumers should make sure that the seller is reliable.


Cartridges are extremely convenient and easy to use. Using this method of consumption, customers can get beneficial effects of the product quickly. As it was mentioned before, utilizing vape pen the consumers will never get “high” as it contains no THC. Both pre-filled and refillable pens are simple when it comes to usage so even those with no experience can manage them.

In addition to that, CBD is not criminalized anymore. Consequently, it is allowed in most countries worldwide. The consumers, though, should check their country laws regarding it beforehand. 

The product obtains many advantages and very few disadvantages. There are not so many side effects, but every consumer should follow the prescriptions properly.