There is no doubt that the CBD market is a fast-growing one, as more people are discovering the various benefits of the highly popular cannabinoid.

CBD is undoubtedly a household name – for an ill patient to the aging seniors, fitness enthusiasts, and typically every person in between. Thousands of people use this non-psychoactive cannabinoid beneficiary, and that explains its abundance in the market.

CBD comes in different forms, and these forms tend to satisfy the need of different kinds of people. Among its forms is the CBD Wax appears to be gaining popularity and global acceptance. In this regard, we have compiled a detailed guide to keep you well inform about CBD Wax.

What is CBD wax?

It is no longer news that candles consist of wax, likewise lip balm, beeswax, and even crayon. When it comes to CBD, the extraction will likely form an opaque oil. Crystallization of this oil makes it more solidified than most of the general oils. However, just like most waxes, CBD wax can assume different types of forms. Hence, the difference in the moisture, texture, and other aspects that make up the wax is determined by the purging process (removal of residual solvent as well as other impurities). 

CBD wax is increasing in popularity as a result of the intensity of its potency. For you to achieve the results, you have to take less of CBD as it is highly concentrated.

How is CBD wax made? 

The various extraction process can be used when making CBD wax. It is made when the plant materials are blasted using a solvent known as a ”closed-loop extraction system”. The following are the most common ways used in making CBD wax:

Butane Hash Oil Extraction (BHO): In this method, butane is used to extract all the necessary oils contained in the plant (cannabis), including terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. After that, butane is left alone to evaporate, with the result being a highly concentrated substance. This extraction method has been very popular for many years now, but it also has its disadvantages. During production, there is a possibility of an explosion. Butane is also toxic to humans, so residual of butane should be removed from CBD concentrate.

CO2 Extraction: This method of CBD wax production is preferred by many. Pressurized carbon dioxide is used to extract terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. CO2 supercritical is turned using heat and high pressure. This means that simultaneously, it looks like a gas and a liquid, and this is most times called ”supercritical CO2 extraction”.

Any residual of CO2 left in the concentrates evaporates, and this is unlike butane. CBD concentrate wax made with CO2 method is purer than that of butane as consumers do not have a fear of ingesting solvent residual together with CBD.

The knowledge and expertise that is channeled into the production of CBD wax are very high. The process of production involves a blend of skill, creativity, and science, thus giving an end product. The potency of best CBD wax can’t be compared to other available products on the market.

Types and differences of CBD wax

There are various kinds of CBD wax, and the difference is just the method used in extracting these various forms of CBD. It is necessary to know their differences as this will help you make an informed and a better choice when you are ready to buy CBD wax. The various forms are:

  • CBD shatter: This form of CBD is quite different from wax. It seems to appear like broken glass, just as the name implies. In the production of CBD shatter, heat or chemical is used to extract the oil. It looks like amber-hued glass when the oil cools and starts to harden. Heating of CBD Shatter makes it look like honey (a gooey with very thick liquid).
  • CBD Budder: This is produced by purging hemp and air pressure at a very high temperature. This turns into a fluffy wax whose consistency has the appearance of butter, and this has made this particular CBD earn its name.
  • CBD Crumble: The extraction process of this particular CBD and that of budder is very similar. The only difference is that CBD crumble uses CBD oil that is pre-purged and is higher in viscosity and moisture. As a result, consistency has the appearance of feta cheese, and it tends to be more crumbly than budder.
  • CBD Live Resin: Before the act of extraction, fresh hemp is freeze-dried. This is different from CBD wax because wax makes use of hemp that is either air-dried or cured. Preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids is high because it is being frozen. Thus, making the flavor pronounced. Users usually use CBD Live Resin for special programs,

How to use CBD wax?

CBD wax can be consumed in various ways, namely:

  • Dabbing: This is the most famous way through which CBD wax is consumed. At first, this process of consumption might look foreign, but in the long run, you will see that dabbing is a very easy process.

CBD dab rig is needed if you want to dab, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Dab rig has many components, and the nail is one of the main components. Nail is made of titanium or glass, ceramic, and it can be heated up with the use of blow torch. It is also an area of the rig where the vaporization of the wax takes place.

You need to add wax to the surface of the hot nail, which immediately turns to vapor. Just like a traditional bong, this vapor is inhaled.

  • Bong: CBD wax can also be consumed with a bong. Your CBD wax is placed inside the bowl of the bong. Then just as you would take a bong hit, inhale after lighting the CBD wax.
  • Vaporizing: This is also a popular way of ingesting. One good thing about vaping is that you can take your CBD wax pen anywhere you go. If you are looking to have a great experience, then you should buy a good one as there are many vaporizers made purposely for concentrates on the market. Low-quality vaporizers won’t vaporize your CBD wax as there won’t be enough heat. The best option is a vaporizer with titanium coils, a ceramic heating chamber, or a quartz crystal.

Benefits of CBD wax

The high potency it contains is undoubtedly the highest benefit of CBD wax. CBD wax is highly concentrated, and it contains no or little residual solvent when it is properly made.

According to users, CBD helps in the reduction of anxiety when faced with stressful conditions. Clinically, it has been proven that CBD helps in the treatment of mental conditions such as panic disorders, OCD, PTSD, and social anxiety. 

Unlike some other forms of CBD, CBD wax concentrates has no trace of plant materials. There is no risk of contacting different conditions such as Lipoid Pneumonia, which is caused by the unwanted number of fat particles (from either the oil found in the CBD itself or from the surface of marijuana buds) staying in the lungs thus, blocking the air pathways. 

CBD wax offers a pure CBD experience, enabling users to ingest it without fear of having complications that are common in other varieties. It is also possible to avoid this intense burning sensation that is common with ingesting through the combusting of regular CBD marijuana.

For people seeking to avoid CBD oil or suffering from one ailment or the other, CBD wax is the best option and is there to help

Effects of CBD wax

  • Retardation of hepatic drug metabolism: A study made by NCBI shows that CBD has some effects like p – glycoprotein activities are decreased, and hepatic drug metabolism is inhibited. As CBD communicates with some pharmaceuticals, the activities of some enzymes found in the liver are retarded. If CBD is taken in high quantity, it can temporarily neutralize P450 enzyme activity, and this changes the way drugs are metabolized in the body.

The neutralization of the P450 enzyme is not regarded as major CBD wax effects. You should discuss with your doctor the implication of having the activities of your P450 enzyme reduced if you are on pharmaceutical medication and still wish to take CBD.

  • Dryness of the mouth: Another effect of taking CBD has a dry feeling in your mouth, which is unpleasant. Saliva secretion is inhibited because of endocannabinoid involvement. When CBD is taken, cannabinoid receptors that are found in the submandibular gland are activated. Once this activation takes place, it tampers with the production of saliva, thus, making the mouth feel dry. This dryness of the mouth can be remedied by making use of rehydrating mouth rinse or by drinking a lot of water.
  • Involuntary muscle movement: According to research, it has been suggested that a large intake of CBD may result in involuntary movement of the muscle in some individuals and also worsen tremor. This can be avoided if the consumption of CBD concentrate is reduced.
  • Lower blood pressure: A little drop in the blood pressure can be caused if CBD oil is taken in higher quantity, and this occurs just within a few minutes it enters your system. Lightheadedness is also associated with this drop in blood pressure. 
  • Lightheadedness: This is, as a result of a drop in blood pressure caused by higher intake of CBD concentrates. This effect is not permanent and can be remedied just by taking a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Drowsiness: Though in most cases, CBD seems to promote alertness during the day, but it can also cause drowsiness if a higher amount is taken. If you find yourself in such a position, it is advisable not to drive or operate any machinery.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. Will I Get High Using CBD?

No, there is no effect of intoxication associated with CBD 2. Does CBD Expire?

2. Does CBD Expire?

Two years is the life span of CBD oil

3. What Dose Of CBD Should Be Taken?

The body is unique and also fascinating. So, it is difficult to state precisely the dosage that is right. However, this solely depends on the type of treatment being taken, the amount needed, and your body makes up (which includes metabolism and weight). So, it is advised that you start slow and monitor what works for you. 4. Why Should I Use CBD?

4. Why Should I Use CBD?

There are so many reasons people use CBD, but one major reason is that it is very potent for the treatment of anti-inflammatory, which people with acute pain find very helpful. Most people now prefer taking CBD than medications because they are trying to avoid those damage (internal organs damage, addiction to an opiate, etc.) caused by medication. CBD also helps in sleep disorder, depression, immune system function

5. What Are Terpenes?

There are different kinds of compounds and chemicals found in the cannabis plant, and a good number of them are categorized under aromatic organic hydrocarbons, which are referred to as terpenes. Terpenes can also be found in spices, fruits, and some plants.

Terpenes are directly responsible for cannabis aroma, and it is declared safe by some agencies and FDA. Terpenes work alongside with cannabinoids to offer bigger benefits


CBD wax has this foreign look, but it is the most useful and versatile way of ingesting CBD. It offers another alternative (which is risk-free) to those seeking to boycott any of the negative effects common with other methods of taking CBD into their system.

CBD wax lacks the subtlety of orally taking or smoking CBD, but it is a method preferred by users who want the obvious, straightforward and simple method of ingesting CBD

Finally, CBD wax has a very high concentration of CBD, rendering it a good option for those suffering from acute conditions, and thus, a high dose of CBD is required to remedy this condition. The amount of CBD found in the majority of the CBD oil is not just enough for those who have mental conditions such as neurodegenerative or anxiety.