Prohibited and demonized – throughout the world, the cannabis plant was illegal for several decades because it contained much of the high-tending THC. For a long time, therefore, the research did not focus so extensively on the plant’s active ingredients. Only recently has the focus shifted increasingly to the cannabinoid called cannabidiol.

Since cannabidiol was discovered as an alternative treatment for several conditions, the variety of products seems to leave nothing to be desired. Many consumers use CBD oil, but creams, ointments, liquids, CBD terpenes, CBD dabs for sale, and capsules are also available on the market. However, only very few users have dealt with CBD shatter. What is it, how is it consumed, and how does it differ from other forms of consumption? How to use CBD Shatter? – We will answer all these questions here.

What is CBD Shatter?

It is one of the purest forms of CBD and can consist of up to 98% of the active ingredient. It is extracted from flowers and stems of hemp. Thus, one gram of wax contains about 25 % of cannabidiol. It is fundamentally different from other products, which usually contain about 10% of CBD. This is especially true for oils. There is also THC shatter available where it is legal. 

Wax or shatter, therefore, offers the possibility of absorbing the active ingredient more intensively and in a particularly concentrated form. If you are looking for such an intensive form of absorption, for example, because you suffer from severe pain, CBD shatter wax is an attractive option for you. This wax is 100% natural and does not contain any THC. High-quality wax is free of all harmful substances.

How does CBD Shatter work?

“CBD shatter, how to use it?” is a popular question. – Cannabis shatter, like all BHOs (Butane Hash Oils), is perfect for consumers who want to feel a strong and immediate effect of cannabis. Due to their high cannabinoid content, BHO concentrates allow recreational users to experience a much stronger effect than smoking or vaporizing flowers. Since they taste very different from smoked or vaporized cannabis when dabbed, many users also find the taste to be a reason. Some users appreciate the concentrates because they unfold their desired effect much more immediately.

As already mentioned, it is important to take the right dosage form so that the body can absorb CBD completely.

How to use shatter? CBD is absorbed through the oral mucosa( for a long time in the mouth, sublingually, under the tongue through the oral mucosa).

How to smoke shatter? Heat and inhale the vapor (but we only recommend to choose absolute professionals with appropriate vaporizers). Of course, you can mix it and crumble into a meal, smoothie, or make cosmetics, but you should keep in mind that it does not have the same effect with such an intake. 

Types and Differences of CBD Shatter

The difference between CBD oil and  CBD shatter for sale is not particularly large when it comes to the substance. The oils in shatter have a different consistency because they undergo a crystallization process in which they solidify. You can imagine this in the same way as vegetable oil and vegetable fat in solid form. Wax can look very different in terms of texture, moisture, and some other aspects. This is due to the different raw material qualities, active agent concentrations, but also to the so-called rinsing processes, which are a part of further processing. Similar to pastes, higher concentrations of cannabidiol are the same in waxes than in oils, starting at about 20 percent. There are also products where CBD content is much higher.

In most countries, CBD shatter is not very common. The names for different forms of the product come from the terms that are established on the US market. Different versions are achieved by differences in a particular part of the manufacturing process, the rinsing process.

Legal CBD shatter can have cannabinoid concentrations of up to 80%. In contrast to wax, however, the shatters are not translucent. The molecules are shaken thoroughly during production, and this leads to a cloudy, creamy, and waxy end product. Cannabis shatter is sold under many different names, such as Honeycomb, Crumble, and Budder. The name derives from the specific consistency and texture of the wax. 

Waxes and shatters with a sticky, brittle texture are usually sold as Honeycomb or Crumble. Moist waxes with a creamier texture are usually sold as Budder.

How to use CBD Shatter

In general, it is possible to consume the shatter in two different ways – similar to other products such as CBD distillate for sale, or also a paste. It can be heated on a hot surface and then inhaled. This flash evaporation allows the active ingredient to enter the system very quickly and produce the desired effects.

Alternatively, you could also use a vaporizer. The perfect boiling point of wax is about 155 to 220 degrees, where you can set the exact temperature according to your personal preference. In general, you should make sure that the vaporizer is suitable for liquids and oils.

The second possibility is to mix it into the food, i.e., to consume it as a dietary supplement. For example, it is possible to add wax to the tinctures and smoothies. The effect is particularly strong if you let it melt on your tongue, as it can be absorbed directly by the mucous membranes in this way.

The taste is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t enjoy the typical taste, then eating it is not the best option for you. Capsules are a tasteless product. However, they are comparatively expensive.

Benefits of CBD Shatter

In general, like all CBD products, CBD shatter has a calming effect and can help with anxiety disorders, inflammation, epilepsy, heart disease, diabetes, infections, neurological problems, post-traumatic stress disorders, and much more. CBD has also proven itself in relation to sleep disorders, which can be proven in many CBD shatter reviews available online. What is special, however, is that the effect seems to be significantly faster than with comparable products.

This is particularly relevant for pain patients who want to experience immediate pain relief. However, no promises can be made regarding the cure of diseases. Those interested in CBD may wonder why they should consider wax, as there are high-quality oils on the market.

The production of CBD oils is often different from that of wax. The oil uses concentrates and hemp seed oil, while the wax is virtually pure CBD. It is free of additives. Of course, this is also the case with high-quality oils, but by far not the rule.

Effects of CBD Shatter

You can not only inhale the wax but also mix it into your food to alleviate various ailments or diseases. It can be used for many problems. Chronic pain could be relieved, as well as anxiety disorders, inflammation, epilepsy, or heart disease. Diabetes, arthritis, infections, neurological problems, and post-traumatic stress syndrome can also seem to be alleviated. CBD shatter can alleviate even the symptoms caused by cancer.

Symptoms and manifestations of schizophrenia may also be cured. In this case, it may even be better tolerated than other chemicals prescribed for this condition. Wax also increases your well being and has a calming effect on you. However, it does not have a psychoactive effect because THC is not contained. So you can lean back and relax, and enjoy the positive effect.

As you can see in this article, the best form of intake can be selected according to personal preferences. It can also make a lot of sense to change the method depending on the time of day. In the morning, people usually want the effect to enter quickly; Over the day, perhaps a milder effect, and through the night as long-lasting as possible. According to this, you can vary and make sure that the body receives cannabidiol as evenly and without interruptions as possible.

Side Effects of CBD Shatter

Since the research is concentrating on the cannabinoid CBD, potential negative effects are coming more into focus. To date, there are no long-term studies on the side effects of cannabidiol. The list of side effects researched so far is very short and manageable. In addition, it does not contain any side effects that seriously endanger health. The known side effects include fatigue, diarrhea, changes in the metabolism of chemical drugs in the body, and changes in appetite.

The dosage varies from person to person. Some patients get along well with only 15 milligrams per day; others need a little more to feel the beneficial and health-promoting effects of cannabidiol. Doses of up to 1500 milligrams per day are harmless. Normally, no one takes such a high dose of cannabidiol. The researchers do not yet know how high a lethal dose for humans would be. There are no deaths caused by CBD. A rhesus monkey would have to take 200 milligrams per kilogram of body weight to die of CBD. This was the result of a 1981 study. If these figures were applied to a person, weighing about 70 kilograms, he would have to take at least 14,000 milligrams of CBD at once to die.

In 2011, a few scientists evaluated 132 studies and concluded that the most serious side effects of cannabinoids were a change in the liver metabolism of certain drugs and possible effects on fertility. Further 74 studies were conducted in 2017 by researchers who concluded that the side effects included fatigue, diarrhea, and, depending on the patient and dosage, increased or decreased appetite.


  • Where can I buy CBD shatter?

You can buy it in various online shops for different shatter prices. The products differ in the proportion of CBD. Since it contains either no THC at all or only very small amounts (less than 0.005%), the product is legal. You should make sure that the wax is made from organic industrial hemp.

We also recommend that the hemp is laboratory tested so you can be sure of its quality. This also applies to CBD concentrate wholesale ointment or oil. When storing, make sure that the wax is protected from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. Cool storage is optimal.

  • What’s “better” – Oil or Shatter?

The difference between shatter and oil is big. In the production of CBD oil, concentrate, and hemp seed oil are used. This is different in the production of CBD wax. This means that the wax is pure CBD. Additives are not used, the wax is 98% pure.


Shatter is a product that you can inhale with the help of a vaporizer, melt on your tongue or mix with drinks and food to feel its effect. It relieves pain and reduces the symptoms of various diseases.

This product is very natural as it is made exclusively from the flowers and stems of hemp plants. It is considered the CBD product with the highest active ingredient content. The wax can also be heated and inhaled, but the vaporizers are also excellent. Another possibility is the consumption, e.g., by mixing it into drinks or even pure on the tongue. The taste, however, needs getting used to and is not exactly a delicacy. All in all, we think this is a great product that still needs to find its way to more consumers with different needs such as pain, insomnia, skin problems, or just for relaxing effects.