The active ingredient cannabidiol thus has some positive effects on the human body. While the related substance THC is psychoactive and slightly intoxicating, in form of a CBD Massage oil (liquid) provides the body with relaxation and health. Since this component of the cannabis plant generally helps against muscle cramps and joint pain, it is obvious that it is also used in massage oils. Soothing grips combined with analgesic and muscle relaxant effects – could there be anything more effective?

What is CBD Body Oil? – The ingredients of CBD oil Massage

Oils applied to the skin moisturize and nourish it. The other components of hemp oil for massage are usually olive oil, almond oil and hemp oil, which mainly have a moisturizing effect. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, is full of minerals and trace elements that serve the body as a rubbing oil in many ways. Minerals, vitamins and trace elements ensure a regulated metabolism in the organism and at the same time are responsible for maintaining many human processes. Oils have an antibacterial effect and clean the skin surface. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect on irritated areas and promotes healing, which is why it can also be used safely on impure skin. However, the oil should not be applied to open wounds due to the risk of infection from other ingredients.

How does CBD Infused Oil work? – The Effect of CBD Body Oil on the Skin

The miracle product from nature supports the entire skin appearance. Since skin is the largest organ of our body and has a comprehensive protective function, extensive care is naturally also positive for the entire organism. So what are the cannabis massage oil effects? CBD stimulates the metabolism and provides for faster and more effective regeneration of the body and skin cells. Cramps and aching muscles can be effectively treated with an oil massage containing CBD. The cannabinoid is also good for general bone health and strengthens joints. All in all, a very comprehensive natural product that achieves quick results.

Types, Differences and Uses of CBD Massage Oil

Cannabidiol against Internal Pain

Back pain is a daily problem in our society. Because CBD is quickly absorbed through the skin and actively relieves pain, oils with the active ingredient are an ideal remedy. Rheumatic complaints, as well as other arthritic pain, are also part of CBD’s field of application and show clearly positive effects against the symptoms, as well as the cause. Head and neck pains can also be alleviated by the intake of CBD oil for massages.

CBD for chronic Skin Diseases

The active ingredient cannabinoid contains much of the very rare gamma linolenic acid, which is an effective substance against psoriasis as well as neurodermatitis. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids strengthen the skin layers and give it more flexibility and shine. Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is the ideal remedy for acne and blemished skin. It should of course be mentioned here that each skin type reacts differently to certain products and produces correspondingly different results. Impure skin is often the result of an unhealthy diet, which means that the skin is counteracted from the outside, but the cause is not combated.

The cannabis ingredient cannabidiol is one of the most important beauty trends of the year. The anti-inflammatory properties promise relief for acne or rosacea, while the antioxidants contained in oils or cannabidiol-containing creams are said to slow skin aging.

Relaxation through CBD Massage Lotion

The substance CBD is related to the substance THC, both come from the same plant called cannabis. While THC is not allowed due to its light fogging effect, it is safe to use. Its relaxing and soothing effect does not restrict the senses. Especially not if we apply the substances to the skin with oil. This makes oils with cannabidiol ideal for relaxing massages for the regeneration of body forces. Swollen skin areas are also effectively treated and even calms the skin areas after the massage.

CBD massage oil benefits – Hemp Massage Oils as an Aphrodisiac

The active ingredient cannabidiol is demonstrably absorbed almost perfectly and without residues by the skin and mucous membranes. Due to the relaxing and blood circulation stimulating effect, the libido can also be increased. Oils with cannabidiol are therefore not only suitable for painful areas on the feet or back, they also have a particularly beneficial side effect on the pleasure and sexual highlights of men and women alike. As it neither irritates nor dries out the mucous membranes, it is also a perfect alternative to conventional lubricants. Many people are allergic to these lubricants and oils could be an alternative.

Now it finds another application: Aphrodisiac oils for the intimate area take advantage of the soothing and pain-relieving effects.

Side effects and intolerances of CBD Massage Oil and other CBD Massage Products

Negative side effects are not known from oils with CBD. It cannot be overdosed or cause an uncomfortable feeling in the body. However, it should be ensured that there are no allergies to other additives of the oil, such as almond. If there is any uncertainty, apply a little oil to a healthy area of skin and allow it to work for about five minutes. Children and pregnant women should generally not use the products, as there is currently no concrete study on long-term effects on development. In general, however, no problems should arise here either.

If taken orally, it is broken down in the liver. There it inhibits the activity of two enzymes which are responsible for the degradation of various drugs. These drugs could be degraded more slowly and have a stronger effect if taken together with CBD. The acid inhibitors pantoprazole and ondansetron as well as the antiepileptic drugs clobazam (frisium) and risperidone (risperdal) are affected. Therefore, caution should be exercised when taking large amounts when one of these medications has to be taken at the same time. If it is only used topically for a massage, none of the above side effects should apply.

Further information about Cannabis infused Massage Oil

Ideally, an oil containing cannabidiol should be stored in cool and dark places. Massage oils cannot become really bad, but it is recommended to use the it in the first three to five months. There is no need to apply a large amount, as it is easy to spread on the skin and the healthy active ingredients are quickly absorbed into the body via the skin cells. At best, they are bought directly in dark bottles, where they are protected from daylight and sun.

Hemp oil Massage Liquids for healthy and beautiful Skin

Although cannabidiol has many positive properties for external and internal health, this product is still mostly used for relaxation and natural skin care, free of chemical and aggressive additives that aggravate some problems. In the face, on the lips and eyes it can be applied without hesitation, even with eye contact there is generally no danger.

FAQs about CBD Massage Oil

1. Where is CBD Massage Oil for sale?

Depending on where you live and what the legal state in your country is, you can either order online or get it from a reputable retailer in your area. If you, for example live in Asheville, you can search on Google for “CBD oil in Asheville” or “Asheville CBD oil” and you will get results according to your keywords. You can then visit your nearest CBD oil Asheville nc shop and find exactly what you are looking for or at least get all the info you need.

For example, CBD oil Asheville distributors are very popular and you can buy a great product in one of the trusted stores in North Carolina or also other places throughout the USA and Europe.

2. Which is the best CBD Massage Oil?

That question is hard to answer because every individual has different needs and preferences but here is a list of things you should consider before buying a CBD oil so that you can enjoy all the CBD massage oil benefits.

  • Does the CBD oil massage near me really have all the functions you feel are important?
  • Is the oil of the quality I expect in this price category?
  • What information does user reviews provide? Despite the fact that the judgments there are often not completely neutral, they provide a good orientation aid in the overall package.
  • What other brands are there? In the field of oils there are many different manufacturers on the market today, so you can enjoy a wide range of oils!
  • Over what period of time do you expect to use it?
  • How often is the oil expected to be used?

3. Is CBD Massage Oil anti-inflammatory?

CBD massage oil for pain is now being used to soothe many issues people have with their bodies and also their skin. Since it has been possible and legal to obtain CBD from the hemp plant, this active ingredient has been conquering Europe. Because without the psychoactive effect of the THC, the hemp plant can play out its pure healing power, which also made it a medicinal plant in 2018! And it has many other talents than a multi-faceted useful plant. CBD is a promising painkiller. This is clearly true for nerve pain and pain caused by inflammation. In these cases, it can simultaneously relieve the inflammation and reduce the sensation of pain. CBD has been shown to be effective in relieving pain in multiple sclerosis. However, it is also effective in other types of pain and can already help in the form of a relaxing massage with CBD oil.

4. Is CBD Oil good for the Skin?

With the oil, the skin can not only be supplied with caring substances, but apparently it also succeeds in positively influencing the fat content, which can have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin.

5. How to make CBD massage oil?

If you do not want to buy oil at a CBD massage oil wholesale – Here is an example of how to make your own CBD infused Massage Oil at home:


7g Cannabis Trim, finely ground

¼ cup carrier oil (olive, coconut or almond oil)

7 drops essential lavender oil

7 drops essential bergamot oil

7 drops essential rosemary oil


  • A saucepan
  • A heat-resistant glass bowl
  • A strainer cloth
  • One sieve
  • A funnel
  • A sterile, darkly coloured glass bottle


  1. Fill the pot to ¼ with water.
  2. Bring the water to the boil at medium heat and place the bowl on top to make a homemade water bath.
  3. Pour your carrier oil into the glass bowl and then add your marijuana trim. Then stir everything together. Let the mixture simmer for 1-2 hours, stirring occasionally.
  4. Once the time is up, let it cool down for some time and then pour it through the strainer and sieve into the bottle. This will remove all parts of the plant from the mixture. To make this less difficult, use a funnel to transfer the liquid.
  5. Squeeze the remaining liquid from the strainer into the bottle.
  6. Now you should have a bottle of cannabis containing carrier oil. Then let the it cool completely before you add the essential oils and mix everything.

Seal the bottle and let it steep for 24 hours. This will help to melt the aromas and the oil together.

It is then ready to use! Its use is a great way to help someone relax after a busy day or to get in the mood with your partner. Alternatively, you can always purchase a great natural Blue Ridge Massage product.


CBD develops precious cosmetic effects on the skin. It has therefore been recognised by the EU and many American States as a skin protecting, cleansing and soothing active ingredient for cosmetics. Try it today and discover all the great benefits CBD Massage Oil could have in store for you – no matter if you stay in Europe or America.